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Buenos Aires : Office - Q2 2017

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Buenos Aires : Office - Q2 2017

The legislative elections on October will influence the political year. The performance of the economic activity may have an impact on the elections results. Even though the economy is recovering at a moderate pace, the reactivation and control of inflation is taking longer than expected.

Consequently, local and private foreign investment are still waiting to see what will happen in the elections. The results will define the future of congressional leadership and the economic growth.

On public label, the increase investment in infrastructure could give new impetus to the construction sector, one of the most affected by the economic downturn. Economic indicators of the first quarter of 2017 are showing the first signs of economic recovery. GDP registered a slight increase of 0,3%, compared to registers in the same period of 2016.

The interanual inflation rate measured by the Congress is also showing an improvement, accumulating 23,4% over the past twelve months, a very different value from the BCRA declared objective of 17%.

Source : Cushman & Wakefield

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