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Hans Vrensen

Finance 12/07/2023

The debt funding gap looms over the property industry

The pre-pandemic years were a good time for the French property markets. "Property investment continues to be very dynamic in France, particularly with commercial (...)

Finance 19/05/2023

"There is light at the end... but we are still in the tunnel"

BiTV welcomes Hans Vrensen, Managing Director and Head of Research & Strategy Europe at AEW. The global real estate investment manager recently published its 2023 (...)

Finance 16/05/2023

Towards a rebound in real estate yields in Europe according to AEW

All real estate sectors are expected to benefit from stronger rental growth and yield compression starting in 2024 : this is the main finding (...)

Finance 22/03/2023

The times they are changing... and the real estate cycle with them

A lot can change in a year. “At the end of 2021, real estate market activity was dynamic," recalls Christoph Knaack, CEO of Preqin, (...)

Finance 03/01/2023

Will 2023 be a year of (re)definition for real estate markets?

"The specificity of the current period is that it distinguishes between two time scales: the first around a peak in inflation that may or (...)

Finance 16/12/2022

"Property yields are clearly expected to move up in 2023"

BiTV interview welcomes Hans Vrensen, Head of Research & Strategy at AEW Europe. With him, we discuss the firm's recent report, “2023 European Annual Outlook: Positioning (...)

Office 16/04/2021

"Regional European markets will be more resilient when the working from home trends continues"

BiTV Interview welcomes Hans Vrensen, Head of Research & Strategy at AEW Europe. In a recent AEW Monthly Research Report, its is stated that the share of (...)

Finance 23/11/2018

Even if yields rise, over half of Europe's RE markets remain attractive - AEW

Despite expectations that bond yield normalisation will raise property yields in the next five years, investment manager AEW says that over half the markets assessed for (...)