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Laurent Saint-Aubin

Listed 29/08/2022

Faced with the economic slowdown, listed real estate is to be favoured, according to Sofidy

In its latest market review, published in August 2022, Sofidy announces that corporate margins "will deteriorate in the coming months" and that analysts' estimates (...)

Listed 05/07/2022

Challenged on the stock market, listed real estate could weather the storm, says Sofidy

Weakened by the inflationary context and a hazardous stock market environment, listed real estate has fallen by more than 19 % since the beginning (...)

Green 04/04/2022

Sofidy extends its SRI approach

Sofidy has obtained the SRI label for its listed property fund Sofidy Sélection 1. The subsidiary of Tikehau Capital thus completes its range of (...)

Listed 13/04/2021

An economic rebound detrimental to listed real estate companies

Like most real estate markets around the world, European listed real estate companies have had a mountainous year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As (...)

Listed 09/04/2020

Could it be the right time to invest in listed real estate?

Should investors go back to listed real estate when the FTSE EPRA Eurozone real estate index plunged 23% in March alone? Certainly, according to (...)