Currents of change - The KPMG Survey of Corporate Responsability Reporting 2015

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There is a lack of consistency in the carbon information that the world’s largest companies publish in their annual financial and/or CR reports. This makes it almost impossible to accurately compare one company’s carbon performance with another’s.

1 in 5 large companies in high carbon sectors such as mining and chemicals does not report on carbon.

Companies in the US and Asia Pacific countries including China are the least likely to report on carbon; European companies are the most likely to do so.

European companies score the highest for their carbon reporting.

Companies in the transport & leisure sector score highest for carbon reporting among the G250, and oil & gas companies score lowest, when assessed using KPMG’s methodology.

Less than 1 in 10 companies that report on carbon, report on emissions from the use or disposal of their products.

Source : KPMG

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