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Cevan Torossian and Jean-Christophe de Felice, Arthur Loyd

"Office investment : fighting value obsolescence"

With the exception of a few niche markets, the commercial property investment market has stalled in 2023, with volumes down 55 % in France at the end of September. In this market lacking a reference point, and with high expectations for appraisal values at the end of 2023, Arthur Loyd provides Business Immo with its latest mapping of prime rates in the Paris region, which now includes the discount to be applied in relation to their pre-crisis levels. Cevan Torossian, associate director of studies & research, and Jean-Christophe de Felice, associate director of investment at Arthur Loyd, explain.

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Business Immo : How do you see the investment market, and more broadly, the macroeconomic context ? Cevan Torossian : With almost €9bn invested (...)

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