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Dimitri Boulte, SFL, et Frédéric Dabi, Ifop

"More than ever, the office remains central for employees"

Since the publication ten years ago of the first Paris Workplace barometer, a survey carried out by SFL and Ifop asking employees in the Paris region about their expectations and plans for their working lives and workspaces, the office property sector has been hit by a series of external shocks that have forced it to question itself on more than one occasion. Dimitri Boulte and Frédéric Dabis, Managing Director of SFL and Ifop respectively, take a look back at a decade of change in the office sector.

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Business Immo: What changes have you seen in the way people in the Paris region relate to their working lives over the last decade? Frédéric (...)

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  • Persons mentioned

    Dimitri Boulte

    Directeur général

    Société Foncière Lyonnaise

    Frédéric Dabi

    Directeur général adjoint - Directeur du pôle opinion et stratégies d'entreprise