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Listed 28/02/2024

"I'm organising my group for a deep and long crisis"

Business Immo : As you pointed out several times this morning during the presentation of Altarea's 2023 annual results, the property industry is in (...)

Office 04/01/2024

"Demand for schools in the Paris market remains solid, but limited"

Business Immo: How would you assess the Paris/francilien higher education property market at the end of 2023?  Nicolas Coiffait: Generally speaking, when it comes to (...)

Office 14/12/2023

"More than ever, the office remains central for employees"

Business Immo: What changes have you seen in the way people in the Paris region relate to their working lives over the last decade? Frédéric (...)

Finance 12/12/2023

"There are similarities between the current crisis and that of the 1990s... but also many differences"

Business Immo : Is the current crisis comparable with that of the 1990s ? Boris Capelle : There are similarities, but also many differences. (...)

Finance 25/09/2023

"Our assets are configured to take advantage of the situation"

Business Immo : What is Swiss Life AM France's strategy at a time when the clouds are gathering ? Fabrice Lombardo : Two cycles (...)

Retail 19/09/2023

"We are far from the promised cataclysm"

Business Immo : The theme of Siec, which opens on 19 September, is "Retail is back". Why do you call it that ? Marie (...)

Finance 22/03/2023

The times they are changing... and the real estate cycle with them

A lot can change in a year. “At the end of 2021, real estate market activity was dynamic," recalls Christoph Knaack, CEO of Preqin, (...)

Hospitality 20/03/2023

« We have about 20 projects in the pipeline in France »

Business Immo : Every year at Mipim, Hilton reports on its growth forecasts. What about 2023 ? David Heijligers : France is a deep (...)

Finance 13/03/2023

"Each crisis reminds us a little of the fundamentals from which we should not have drifted"

Business Immo: Faced with strong macroeconomic and geopolitical tensions, real estate investors must now deal with a new financial context. How do you interpret (...)

Listed 28/02/2023

"2023 will be distinguished by a shock to asset values, a real estate shock"

Business Immo: What is your initial assessment of the SIICs’ 2022 annual results? Stéphanie Dossmann: In France, many REIT/SIICs are exposed to retail. They were (...)

Retail 15/02/2023

"A great recovery for shopping centres", says Jacques Ehrmann (FACT)

Either you look at the glass as half empty or you look at it as half full. According to their federation, French shopping centres (...)

Listed 09/02/2023

Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield has returned to pre-Covid performance levels in 2022

"Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield has delivered excellent financial results in 2022, confirming the end of the Covid effect on our activities," Jean-Marie Tritant said this morning. After (...)

Retail 23/01/2023

"A major social movement would make the prospect of returning to pre-Covid attendance levels more remote"

Business Immo: The year 2022 has been a difficult one for the shopping centre sector in France, with a clear drop in footfall and (...)

Office 17/01/2023

End of euphoria in Lille's office market

While the Lille office rental market is expected to reach between 250,000 and 300,000 sqm marketed in 2022, Adrien d'Epenoux expects take-up to be in (...)

Office 12/12/2022

“The evolution of coworking has become a revolution”

Business Immo Global : You founded the Regus Group, now IWG, in 1989. What trends did you identify in the office market at the (...)

Retail 02/12/2022

« The violence of the impact of energy costs will really be felt in January for retailers »

Business Immo : What is your assessment of the year 2022 for Procos ? Emmanuel Le Roch : After two very complicated years due to (...)

Finance 03/11/2022

European CRE professionals brace for difficult prospects in 2023 (ULI/PwC)

For their “Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe 2023 report, the 20th edition of the study, 1,038 property professionals – including investors, fund managers, developers, property companies, (...)

Hospitality 13/10/2022

AccorInvest restores its financial position through its transformation plan

Has AccorInvest eaten its fill? The former real estate arm of the AccorHotels group, which became financially independent in May 2018, has announced impressive (...)

Retail 22/09/2022

CNP Assurances to sell its outlets portfolio in France

Three years after having withdrawn them from the market, despite suitors, CNP Assurances is well on the way to selling its five villages of (...)

Housing 15/09/2022

Significant new housing sales drop in France (FPI)

According to a study carried out by the National Statistical Observatory of the France's developer association FPI (Férédration des promoteurs immobiliers), total sales of new housing (...)