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Michel Baroni

Member of Continental Europe Standards Board (CESB)

Paul Bennison

Membre du Conseil

Michael Bütter

Member of the Management Board RICS Germany

Marcel de Boer

Board Member

Silvio Estienne

Membre du conseil européen de la RICS

Myriam Fréval

President Partner Spain

Laura Lindberg

Head of Media and Communications Europe

António Gil Machado

Fellow and Member of the Board Portugal

Tina Paillet

Présidente du conseil européen

Pascal Plotegher

Membre du conseil européen de la RICS

Nelson Rêgo

Board Member Portugal - FRICS

Josiane Richardson

Membre du Conseil

Zsolt Toth

External Affairs and EU Affairs Manager

Maarten Vermeulen

Directeur régional de la RICS Europe, Russie et CEI


LaSalle IM's Mokrane joins BI sister firm iread as Senior Advisor

Mahdi Mokrane, Head of European Research and Strategy at LaSalle Investment Management, is joining Business Immo's sister company iread as Senior Advisor. Iread said Mokrane will collaborate and provide, in particular, his expertise (...)


Cities not nations will be defining population unit of this century - RICS WBEF

Cities, not nations, will be the defining population unit of this century, and their ability to create digitally-connected but liveable environments is the key (...)


As cities become more dense they must become more electric - Tesla's Straubel

As cities become more dense they must also become more electric, drawing on distributive power generated mainly by solar across residential and industrial locations, (...)