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Europe Office : Rents are still under pressure - Q2 2013

Aggregate office take-up across Europe reached 2.5 million sq m in Q2 2013, up from 2.1 million sq m recorded during the previous quarter (...)


Logistics hubs to offer cost saving opportunities - Global Occupancy Costs 2013

In this third edition of our Global Occupancy Costs - Logistics report, we present the current costs of occupying prime logistics space across 64 (...)

Health / Senior

The Healthcare Sector : policy injections expand growth opportunities

China’s standard of living is continuing to rise. Along with this rise, the country’s citizens are demanding higher standards of medical and healthcare services. (...)


European Sustainability Guide

Welcome to this first edition of our ‘European Sustainability Guide’ whose aim is to provide a general understanding of sustainability practices in real estate (...)


EMEA - Obligations of Occupation 2013

We are pleased to release the 2013 EMEA edition of our ‘Obligations of Occupation’ report. This edition provides a summary of key cost responsibilities (...)


Shopping Centres

The uncertain economic climate of recent months has led to muted consumer spending in many European markets. This economic slowdown, as well as growing (...)