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Property valuation in the Nordic Countries

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The Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) have performed rather well in the economic turmoil in recent years. Although the countries differ from each other in terms of e.g. structure of the economy and used currency, as well as the structure and market practices in the property markets, they are often seen as a unified market area by international property investors. Of the four countries, Sweden has attracted the most foreign capital, followed by Finland, whereas Norway and Denmark have remained more dominated by domestic players.
The stability of the economies has had a positive influence on the Nordic property investment markets. Domestic investors have maintained their competitiveness, and also international investors consider the Nordic area as a safe haven in the current European property market platform - a region where fair and stable returns with relatively low risk are possible to obtain. However, the size and liquidity of the markets remain the main challenge of the Nordic property markets.

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