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European Industrial & Logistics : Growing Global Linkages

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European Industrial & Logistics : Growing Global Linkages

In our previous paper, 'European Industrial & Logistics : A long-term view', we took a broad look at the key trends to effect Europe's logistics markets over the next decade and beyond. In this report we analyse in more depth Europe's existing external distribution networks, focusing on infrastructure developments in air, rail and sea transport and the future prospects for each.

Notably, we presend more detail on specific infrastructure developments across the continent which will prove key in serving the growth of existing trade routes and the development in new ones.

It is very clear that Europe's traditional ports (notably those in the Hamburg - Le Havre range) are key in the efficient trnasport of large goods between Europe and the other continents. We look at specific port infrastructure developments, whilst assessing the impacts if the development of larger container vessels and shifting trade routes.

Source : Keops-Colliers International

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