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Indirect Property Vehicles Post Record Inflows

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In 2013 German indirect property investment vehicles (listed RE, institutional open-end funds, retail open-end funds and closed-end funds) recorded the highest combined net capital inflows since 2003. Combined net capital inflows were EUR17.3bn in 2013, up 40% yoy. Combined net capital inflows have recorded positive annual growth for the third year in a row.

Institutional OEFs were the strongest contributors for the fifth consecutive year, generating 37% of combined net capital inflows in 2013. The EUR6.4bn of net capital represents a new record inflow for inst. OEFs.

Closed End Funds (CEFs) were the second largest contributors with net capital inflows of EUR3.9bn (up 25% yoy) benefiting from strong institutional business.

Source : Barkow Consulting