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Global Cities Investment Monitor - 2017

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Global Cities Investment Monitor - 2017

Cities concentrate a disproportionate part of talents, businesses and capital. They are the places where most decisions are made, innovations launched, and people enabled. Global cities are to the world what cities are to a country. And then there are top global cities, where everyone expects the world of tomorrow to be shaped and where, as a result, world-changing moments actually happen.

This Monitor is designed to perceive and describe the fluid and ever-changing dynamics of our contemporary world, by focusing on the latest decisions rather on accumulated stocks of wealth. It uses homogenous indicators that reflect global movements and pinpoint the latest fluctuations.

As a result its rankings are much more open and evolving that other rankings, which focus on global cities’ accumulated wealth and “power”. Our Monitor is turned, not towards the past, but towards the future.

Source : KPMG

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