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Madrid Offices : co-working spaces - november 2017

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Madrid : Offices - november 2017

People dedicated to creativity, management and consultancy and similar activities use knowledge and intellect as their main work tools.

Their activities require flexible spaces enabling them to develop their services and generate business. Accordingly, the office represents the main platform for knowledge-based work and this, in turn, has recently transformed what we understand by way of an office.

The high momentum enjoyed by entrepreneurship and the more relaxed way of doing business - imposed primarily by new technology firms - have brought with them new formulas in terms of workspaces.

Knowledge work may now be performed in formats such as open space, shared desk, serviced offices and, more recently, coworking. The last two consist of property services contracted over short time periods, giving the maximum level of flexibility to modern workers. The essence of co working is found in collaborative, interdisciplinary campuses. Great value is placed not only on design, but also rest and leisure.

New technology forms the basis for the use of collaborative workspaces. These enable access to workspaces by means of digital, mobile platforms and fill a niche in the market in terms of the take-up and occupancy of offices during short periods of time. Within this context, the knowledge worker has available a real estate offering based on use, just as in the case of accommodation with Airbnb or private transport through Uber.

Source : Cushman & Wakefield

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