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Finance 22/02/2024

"It is important to stress that Primonial REIM France posted satisfactory results in 2023"

Business Immo: The discourse surrounding property management companies, and SCPIs in particular, has been particularly negative over the past year, which has been marked (...)

Finance 08/02/2024

Retail property funds collection impacted in 2023

"2023 was a pivotal year for the property market," sums up Jean-Marc Coly, Chairman of Aspim. And retail property funds have clearly been affected. (...)

Finance 05/02/2024

"Value destruction has sped up since the summer"

Business Immo: How do you interpret the sharp fall in the volume of investment in commercial property in 2023? Olivier Ambrosiali: In France, investment volumes (...)

Finance 14/12/2023

The year 2023 worse than expected, according to the MSCI Barometer

Carried out in October 2023 among a panel of investors whose combined real estate assets exceed €280bn, the survey conducted by MSCI and BPCE (...)

Finance 07/12/2023

€15bn worth of deals withdrawn from the French property market in 2023

"Due to a lack of agreement between sellers and buyers, the number of deals withdrawn from the market has been countless, in fact since (...)

Hospitality 31/10/2023

Corum buys a Rotterdam hotel for €46.3m

Following the signature of a hotel in Liverpool at the beginning of September 2023, SCPI Corum XL has lifted the veil on the off-plan (...)

Office 24/10/2023

Foreign investors have largely withdrawn from the French property market

Colliers has unveiled a new study on the French commercial real estate investment market in Q3 2023. According to the study, foreign investors have (...)

Office 19/10/2023

La Française REM invests €63m in London's West End

Its president Philippe Depoux told Business Immo a few weeks ago that its "acquisition volume should not exceed €800m this year", compared with €1.5bn (...)

Office 18/10/2023

Corum signs new acquisition in Dublin for €81m

Corum, on behalf of its SCPI Corum Eurion, has acquired a 10,700 sqm office building located in Dublin, between the central business district and the (...)

Hospitality 04/10/2023

Corum buys Liverpool hotel at 7.4% return

On 15 September, Corum signed a hotel-commerce-parking complex in Liverpool as part of its opportunistic strategy. Acquired for €18.4 million, the building, which offers (...)

Finance 04/10/2023

"We are at the end of the financial era and at the beginning of the asset management era"

Business Immo: In recent weeks, several management companies have announced a drop in unit prices for some of their SCPIs. How do you explain (...)

Finance 04/10/2023

Just under €1.8bn invested in French commercial property in Q3 2023

"At a time when the ECB has just raised its benchmark rate to a record level and the 10-year OAT has reached its highest (...)

Finance 03/10/2023

AEW Patrimoine adjusts its SCPI unit prices (again)

"The major challenge for us in relation to our partners is to be transparent and educational." These are the words of Antoine Barbier. They (...)

Finance 21/09/2023

Decline in SCPI inflows: what impact on the investment market?

For some months now, the debate about the state of SCPI funds has been raging among investors. Everyone has their own comments to make, (...)

Finance 18/09/2023

In the eye of the storm, SCPI funds need to rethink their approach

"Until now, everyone was flocking to property, including SCPIs, as evidenced by the record inflows recorded by SCPIs in 2022, but the mechanical rise (...)

Finance 18/09/2023

"We need to adapt our tools, but it's not an upheaval"

Business Immo: What lessons can we learn from this "price crisis"? Jean-Marc Coly: First of all, the property sector is not isolated from the economic (...)

Finance 18/09/2023

Primonial REIM France lowers the subscription price of its office and retail SCPIs

Not a day goes by without a tremor in the SCPI market. Following in the footsteps of La Française REM on Wednesday (see our (...)

Finance 18/09/2023

Fall in SCPI unit prices : Perial AM not immune

As explained in a press release dated 18 September, Perial AM has decided to lower the unit prices of four of its SCPIs, following (...)

Office 11/09/2023

WeWork calls on landlords to renegotiate all its leases

"There is substantial doubt about the company's ability to continue as a going concern." Last month, WeWork had already cast doubt on its future (...)

Finance 11/09/2023

"My priority is to continue to strengthen Keys REIM's DNA as an agile and innovative management company"

Business Immo: Last spring you took over as Chairman of Keys REIM. What is the current status of this management company? Vincent Férat: Keys REIM (...)