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Office 08/11/2021

Teleworking, proof of the digitalisation of the economy

The spread of teleworking According to DARES[1], during the 2020 spring lockdown, 25% of employees in France were teleworking full time, compared to the previous (...)

Housing 23/09/2021

The art of living: a new equilibrium for Europe?

As millions of Europeans were asked to work from home to help curb COVID-19 infection rates, the long running debate on the optimal work-life (...)

Finance 16/12/2019

From value creation to its much needed ... re-distribution in France

Can real estate permanently escape this gloom that is spreading to France? At the end of Simi, all indicators are green. The sector is the (...)

Finance 03/12/2019

Both buyer and seller in Spanish deal show property cycle far from finished

Cain International’s acquisition of a €225m Spanish office portfolio from Merlin Properties this week shows, quite separate from the deal itself, just how deep (...)

Finance 10/10/2019

Why Europe’s regional cities are attracting real estate investment

Real estate investment in non-capital cities has been a trend that has taken a few years to catch on in some countries. Turning the (...)

Finance 09/10/2019

Is the market saying goodbye to the usual investment cycle?

For the first time, Expo Real 2019 in Munich fell in the midst of the year-end spurt for German real estate. Usually, the trade (...)

Finance 07/10/2019

A watershed moment benefiting French regions

Watershed moments are difficult to pick. But the one we are passing through in European real estate is benefiting regional cities, with France right (...)

Housing 26/06/2019

Berlin rental cap is sign of political failure in German capital

The Berlin Senate has opted for the rent cap (Mietendeckel), according to which, among other things, rents may not be increased for five years. (...)

Finance 10/05/2019

Before the European elections: real estate in the European setting

Even if the direct benefits of the European Union for the real estate industry are not immediately apparent, the EU has a major impact (...)

Housing 07/05/2019

Common approach not expropriation fantasies needed to solve Berlin's housing shortage

The initiative Expropriate German Housing & Combat Speculation aims to expropriate private homeowners with more than 3,000 apartments in Berlin. On the agenda are (...)

Finance 18/03/2019

No sector for old cowboys

A maturity is entering real estate. Recognition that it is not for old cowboys but a sector where success is tied directly to user (...)

Finance 18/03/2019

Message from Mipim 2019: Cycle extends but task shifts toward full urban rethink

Crisis, what crisis? Where are the bubbles? Well, they continued to sparkle in the champagne glasses in Cannes this year. Mipim is always a solid (...)

Finance 06/03/2019

Growing role of international property investors in Helsinki

During 2018, almost two-thirds of property investments in Finland were made by foreign investors, above all in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area which attracted over (...)

Finance 07/02/2019

Cycle toppish but new strategies, climate, tech are focus at ULI Europe

The property cycle is at or near the top, most ULI Europe attendees think. But gloom is not rife. Time to adjust strategies, assess (...)

Office 11/12/2018

France's Simi 2018 trade fair marks dawn of a new era

A few hours after the clapper board sounded the end of the 2018 edition of Simi, the French real estate community's annual trade fair, (...)

Hospitality 09/11/2018

The rationale for a pan-European hospitality strategy

Europe, the largest playground to gain exposure to hospitality 2017 was another record year for international tourism with 1.323bn visitors of which 51% came to (...)

Office 02/11/2018

Merkel's twilight of gods moment may bring 'German Macron' to power

As German Chancellor Angela Merkel steps back from power, the twilight of the gods has begun. But while it will sweep away many of (...)

Finance 19/10/2018

Lessons for real estate from the Great Financial Crisis

For all economic players, there is a before and after September 15 2008, the start of what the Americans call the Great Financial Crisis. Countries (...)

Housing 16/10/2018

In Denormandie France has its first minister for housing. Period.

After the government reshuffle today France has its first minister for housing. Period. Not for urban planning; not also for cohesion or equality of (...)

Housing 12/10/2018

Foreign ownership in French housing is no cause for concern

The participation of Germany's Vonovia and Zurich's Swiss Life in the winning bid for French SNCF's housing portfolio is good for Europe, good for France – (...)