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Historically, the price of prime central London stock has risen substantially in the first half of a housing market cycle, before a period of catch up by the rest of the country. However, in the last two complete housing cycles, the overall gap has continued to widen.

Looking forward, the performance of the outer prime markets will be dictated by the creation of new wealth from the London economy and the flows of wealth between prime markets.

The strong inflows and weak outflows of wealth into the prime London markets have delivered significant value growth in the core prime London market but have also resulted in a geographical expansion of what is now considered to be prime.

The London new build sales market has rocketed since the downturn. There were around 7,600 sales in the year to June 2010, and over the last three years that annual figure has increased to over 16,000.

Residential investment in prime London remains much more about the underlying asset value, its potential for growth and the security which it offers as a store of wealth. 

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