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US-based Hines adds 117,000 sqm Netherlands business park/office space

US-based Hines has acquired the ABC Westland business park in the Netherlands, 13 buildings encompassing 117,000 sqm of logistics warehouse and commercial office space. No price was (...)


New actors on the European stage

“When it comes to equity, European real estate is like a busy nightclub – as soon as one group leaves, another seems to be ready to (...)


European investors are going to beds

"Demographic change, rising house prices and supply shortages have established residential alternatives as desirable investments with positive rental growth prospects," says Savills in its 2018 Global Living (...)


European 2019 CRE investment to hit €230bn, beating €200bn for 6th year - Savills

European commercial real estate investment should reach €230bn this year, beating the €200bn-mark for an unprecedented sixth year, says international adviser Savills.  The forecast underlines the continent’s (...)


Europe still offers core, value-add opportunities in specific markets, sectors - Savills

Office, standing stock, developments or refurbishments, continues to offer opportunities for core and value-add real estate investors in Europe, says adviser Savills. In value-add there are (...)


France surges ahead on the global stage

Associated for a long time to rigid labor laws and social immobilism that hindered its economy, France elected 39 years old liberal ex-banker Emmanuel Macron, whose new (...)


1H European multi-family resi investment surges to 5yr record 17% - Savills

Multi-family residential investment as a proportion of all CRE spend in Europe surged in the first half to 17%, almost €20.5bn and the highest in five (...)


Retail, logistics lines blurring, yield gaps narrowing - Savills

The line distinguishing European retailers and logistics is, like their yield differences, becoming increasingly blurred, says adviser Savills. Retailers adapting to omni-channel strategies including logistics will (...)


Poland office to more than double to 24m sqm in 10 years - Savills

Modern office stock in Poland, already at 10m sqm, is likely to more than double to 24m in the next 10 years, says international adviser Savills. (...)


Italian office refurb, French PRS offer new opportunities - BNPP REIM's Knoflach

Italian office refurbishment and French rental housing development are emerging as two real estate opportunities in Europe, says Barbara Knoflach, Global head of Investment Management at BNP Paribas (...)


Germany : commercial investment market - Q4 2017

Transaction volume increases to €57.1bn despite lower amount of deals.  Commercial property changed hands for almost €57.1bn in 2017, an increase of 4% compared with the previous (...)


Netherlands - Q1 2018

The Dutch economy has been growing for 14 consecutive quarters and reached a GDP growth of 3.0% YoY in Q3 2017. It outperforms the European’s average GDP (...)


Germany : residential investment market - Q4 2017

Transaction volume driven by rising prices – boom in developments.  Residential property and residential portfolios changed hands for €13.7bn in 2017, representing an increase of 7% compared (...)


Germany : Investment Market monthly - December 2017

Rising prices produce higher investment in the commercial and residential sectors.  Commercial investment market The commercial investment market closed the year with a transaction volume of more (...)


Germany : office markets - Q4 2017

Record take-up and increase in rental level in 2017 - Coworking is booming.  The top six German office lettings markets enjoyed a record year in terms of (...)


Northern Ireland : Investment Snapshot - 2017

The global economy continues to perform strongly with the IMF pencilling in GDP growth of 3.6% in 2017 and 3.7% in 2018. Inevitably this is having (...)


European property themes 2018

Property will remain an asset class of choice.  Positive economic outlook will drive occupier demand for business space in 2018. Shortage of high quality accommodation will force (...)


European Offices - december 2017

Prime CBD rents are on average 1.7% above their peak rents and will continue to grow in 2018. In Q3 2017, prime CBD rents grew 3.3% (...)


Ireland : Retail - december 2017

Ireland’s economy continues to perform well with total output expanding by 5.8% per annum – a considerably stronger growth rate than the 2% being experienced across (...)


Outlook for the German real estate market - December 2017

An increasing number of end-of-cycle phenomena are causing widening concerns although, based upon the facts, there is still no end to the cycle in sight. However, (...)


Renewable Energy - Solar Parks: A bright future for investors and land owners

In the Paris Agreement it was agreed that nations would work together to keep global temperature increase this century well below 2°C (above pre-industrial levels) and (...)


Dublin : Offices - Q3 2017

Ireland’s economy continues to perform exceptionally well with output now rising at a rate of 5.8% per annum (compared with 2.0% across the EU as a (...)


Southern Europe: The PIGS are biting back

Different stages of the recovery are leading to different opportunities. The investment volume in Southern Europe totalled nearly €13.1bn in Q1 Q3 2017 and is forecast to (...)


Germany : Investment Market monthly - November 2017

Commercial transaction volume of €60bn - perhaps not? Commercial investment market With a transaction volume of almost €5.7bn, November was an above-average month in terms of (...)


Shifting Ownership in Ireland’s Private Rented Sector

In October 2016 Savills published A Rent Forecasting Model for the Private Rented Sector in Ireland. That report combined unpublished CSO statistics on housing tenure with (...)


World Office Yield Spectrum - 2H 2017

Expectations of higher interest rates have remained just that, expectations. Uneven economic data as well as rising geo-political tensions have combined to create an unstable environment (...)


Dublin Industrial Market - Q3 2017

Ireland’s economy continues to perform well with total output now rising by 5.8% per annum. On the domestic front, personal consumption remains supportive. Further robust jobs (...)


European Retail Warehouses - November 2017

The retail warehousing sector has had a tough decade, challenged by changing consumer habits and rising competition from e-commerce. Consumer spending in Europe dropped from €2.64bn (EU28) (...)


European Multifamily - November 2017

The residential sector as we used to know it is changing. There are several subcategories under the broad term ‘residential real estate’ including housing/apartments, senior housing, (...)


Sweden Investment - Q3 2017

Transaction volumes remain at historically high levels Sweden is characterised by a strong expansionary monetary policy and the Swedish economy is expected to grow by 3.0% (...)


Flexible workplaces in Poland

Nowadays flexible working is greater than ever before and requires flexible solutions and therefore serviced offices and coworking spaces are on the rise in Poland. The largest (...)


Germany : Investment Market monthly - October 2017

Cyclical peak reached in the commercial market? Weakest monthly volume since 2014.  Commercial investment market With a transaction volume of just €2.2bn, October was the weakest month (...)


Poland : Social Shopping Centers

A broad entertainment offer and high-quality restaurants count for more than proximity to a shopping centre or an attractively-priced F&B offer, reveals a survey of shopping (...)


Asian investors’ buying spree in Europe - October 2017

According to our first estimations, Asian investment in Europe since the beginning of the year reached €23.2bn in Q3. This is a 57% increase compared to (...)


French investment in Germany - September 2017

French investment in Germany totalled almost €1.5bn in the first half of the year, compared to €1.4bn during the same period last year. Hence, French investments (...)


Germany : Commercial investment market - Q3 2017

Transaction volume rises by a fifth - yield compression in secondary locations.  Commercial property changed hands for a total of approximately €40.2bn during the first three quarters (...)


European offices : The battle for brainpower

With business sentiment rising and unemployment falling across Europe, attracting and maintaining talent has become a challenge for employers. The EU28 unemployment rate was 7.7% in (...)


Germany : Office markets - Q3 2017

Despite the increasingly scarce supply, record take-up for 2017 ahead.  Despite the increasingly scarce supply, office take-up has risen significantly year on year once again. (...)


Germany : Investment Market monthly - September 2017

Prime yields may have reached the low point - and remain there for a long - time.  Commercial investment market Although German commercial real estate is more (...)


Germany : Residential investment market - Q3 2017

Smaller locations and portfolios, more new builds and even higher prices.  The transaction volume for German residential property in the first three quarters of the year totalled (...)


The Netherlands : Residential property market - Q4 2017

In 2016 we saw the outcries about the Amsterdam and Utrecht residential markets becoming overheated, which resulted in an increase of the average selling price of (...)


The Netherlands : Logistics Property Market - Q4 2017

The transport and logistics sector in the Netherlands plays an important role within the Dutch economy. Over 23.5% of all employees work in the trade and transport (...)


Dublin : Offices - Q2 2017

Dublin’s office market continues to enjoy the support of a rapidly expanding economy. Output growth accelerated from 5.1% per annum in Q1 to 5.8% in Q2. (...)


Briefing Note - European Investment

GDP in the Eurozone grew 0.5% in Q2 2017; the second highest growth since the economic crisis. Economic sentiment is at a multi-year high thanks to (...)


Madrid Offices - Q2 2017

The Spanish economy continues to grow in line with expectations, albeit at a slightly more subdued rate. The annual growth forecast stands at between 2.9% and (...)


Germany : logistics and industrial investment market - Q2 2017

The acquisition of the Logicor portfolio by CIC has been by far the largest European real estate transaction of the current year. The German sub-portfolio also (...)


Germany - Restaurant expansion in shopping centres: path to success or a wrong turn?

People are eating away from home with increasing regularity. Many shopping centres are responding to this appetite for eating out with a larger restaurant offering, killing (...)


Ireland : Retail - August 2017

Last year’s economic momentum has carried into the opening half of 2017. GDP growth has accelerated to 6.1% per annum – compared with 2.4% across the (...)


Nordics, the new core?

The investment volume in the Nordics totalled nearly €19bn in H1 2017, in line with the very high volumes recorded over the past three years. In Norway (...)


Germany : Investment Market monthly - July 2017

The entry of Asian investors into the market has been mooted for a long time. However, only this year have Asians actually become direct purchasers on (...)


The German forestry market - July 2017

Forests account for the second largest land use in Germany behind agriculture. Around a third of the surface area of Germany is covered with an estimated (...)


The Global Financial Crisis : How the credit crunch transformed the UK housing market

The effects of the Global Financial Crisis, which began in 2007, are still being felt a decade later, and will continue to influence the housing market (...)


Germany : Investment Market monthly - June 2017

Highest half-year transaction volume since 2007! The commercial investment market remains on a record trajectory with industrial and logistics property making a substantial contribution (Table 1, (...)


Germany commercial investment market - Q2 2017

Commercial property changed hands for a total of more than €26bn in the first half of the year (Graph 1, Tab. 1). Only in 2007 has (...)


Germany residential investment market - Q2 2017

Even the rental cap and other housing policy interventions are evidently unable to diminish investors’ interest in German residential property. The transaction volume in the first (...)


The future for serviced offices in Europe

The growth of serviced office space is disrupting the conventional commercial real estate market. The demand for serviced offices is rising significantly in a number of (...)


Dublin - a growing financial market

M&A activity in 2016 was ten times above the 10-year average. This is leading to strong occupier demand and take-up in 2016 was 30% above 5-year (...)


Madrid : Core tightens, but room to grow elsewhere

Madrid is currently an attractive option for tenants: 1) The overall vacancy rate stood at 10.3% at the end of Q1 2017 with the CBD vacancy at (...)


Germany office markets - Q2 2017

Demand for space in the six largest German office markets remained high in the second quarter while take-up increased further (Graph 4). This resulted in further (...)


Dublin Offices - Q1 2017

Recent data underscore the increasingly dominant role of Dublin as a driver of economic growth in Ireland. Census figures reveal that the capital’s population grew almost (...)


Irish Country Homes - Q2 2017

Ireland’s economy continued its strong run in 2016 with growth of 5.2% making it the best performing economy in the EU for the third consecutive year. (...)


European Office Market - Q1 2017

Falling unemployment rates and business expansion are leading demand across Europe. Companies, who had previously been putting off making relocation decisions until the economy stabilised, are (...)


@Służewiec: #live #reside #work

Służewiec represents the history of the Polish property market in a nutshell. When the first modern office building was delivered to the market in Wołoska Street (...)


Europe : Record low yields and they continue to harden

Following the completion of the first round of elections in Europe, in the Netherlands and France, with the threat of anti-EU parties alienated, the downside risks (...)


Student housing Germany

The number of students in Germany reached a new record level of approx. 2.8m in the 2016/17 winter semester. The number of foreign students grew more (...)


Megatrends Travel – The changing hotel, tourist and destination

Over the past decade, the number of silver travellers (travellers aged 65+) has been rising and with 48.1% of EU citizens aged 65+ travelling abroad. Europe (...)


Germany : Investment Market monthly - May 2017

In view of the continued high level of transactions last month (Table 1) and the very full deal pipeline, we are raising our projected annual transaction volume (...)


Student Housing in the Netherlands : An asset class in its own right

The introduction of the student loan system in 2015 caused a temporary dip in enrolments. However, as anticipated in our Spotlight report last year, enrolments at (...)


Dublin Industrial Market - Q1 2017

For the 3rd year in a row Ireland remained the EU's fastest growing economy in 2016 and latest figures show that output is expanding at a (...)


Madrid offices - Q1 2017

The muted results posted for the occupier market in Q1 2017 came in stark contrast to the sharp growth seen in average closing rents. As was the (...)


Netherlands : Time for new prime

The Dutch economy grew by 3.4% yoy in 2017 Q1, the highest growth since the 2008 financial crisis. All economic key figures are showing growth: government (...)


Manchester : Office - May 2017

The first quarter of 2017 has been driven by smaller deals. Take-up in Q1 2017 reached 208,233 sq ft, which is 3% up on the first quarter (...)


Germany : Investment Market monthly - April 2017

April saw a seamless continuation of this year’s extremely strong investment activity. If the current momentum is sustained until the end of the year, 2017 will (...)


Katowice offices

Katowice is the fourth largest regional office market in Poland. Office stock in the city at the end of Q1 2017 stood at 447,100 sq m (...)


The Occupier’s Perspective: Banking on Warsaw

Favourable tenant market – occupiers benefit from: 1. High availability of Grade A office space (720,000 sqm of modern space across Warsaw); 2. Strong speculative development (...)


Is Rent Freedom a Silver Bullet?

Housing associations are focused on how to deliver more affordable homes for rent. Financing development hinges on a stable rent roll. The Government has promised clarity (...)


UK Student Housing - 2017

Investors continue to pay premiums to aggregate greater student bed numbers. 68,000 beds traded last year with a total value of £4.5bn. In 2017 we expect this (...)


What the lead indicators tell us this month

Our forecasts for 2017 anticipated a high level of uncertainty as Brexit negotiations started. The announcement of a General Election on 8th June is part of (...)


UK Residential Development Land - 2017

Rising demand for land in regional cities. Regional cities are seeing increasing land values as demand for sites grows. Land within Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow is in (...)


Germany commercial investment market - Q1 2017

Commercial property changed hands for a total of more than €12bn in the first quarter of the year (Table 1+2). This represents the strongest start to (...)


UK Shopping Centre and High Street Spotlight

While the current level of retail sales growth remains robust, we question whether shoppers can continue to spend at this level by dipping into their savings (...)


Retail Revolutions : From Digital to Physical

Online retail has generated a structural shift in retailing. For increasingly time poor consumers, the convenience offered by online retailers has become all the more attractive, (...)


Spotlight on Monaco 2017

Monaco is home to world-class sporting and entertainment events, successful sports teams and a royal family. With a population of 38,400, it is a big country (...)


Prime London & Country - 2017

It’s a rare moment when we can say that the prime housing markets beyond the capital have performed better than London. But that has been the (...)


Prime Country : Residential Markets - april 2017

The prime country residential markets saw an increased level of growth in the first three months of this year, though it remained relatively modest. Whilst values (...)


Prime London : Residential Markets - april 2017

The rate of price falls across the prime London residential markets notably slowed in the first three months of this year. Could this be an early (...)


Megatrends Logistics – How will trends in modern life and technology impact logistics real estate?

Since the age of containerisation, global supply chains have revolved around production in China, shipping to Europe and America, an onward movement to national distribution centres, (...)


European Investment Briefing - February 2017

Despite the drop (-15% yoy) in total investment volumes, 2016 was another year of strong activity; the third highest on record since 2006 at €207bn. Decreases (...)


Residential Property Focus : How much is the UK worth?

Calculating the value of the UK’s housing stock not only throws up some fascinating figures, it also illustrates the issues facing the market. Once a year I (...)


Brexit Briefing #2: The Impact on the Central London Office Market

Uncertainty will be a drag on activity, but London still looks comparatively attractive. Despite some recent clarity on what path the UK government hopes to take for (...)


Prime London : Residential Markets - january 2017

Higher taxes and political and economic uncertainty have continued to suppress prime London residential values throughout 2016. However, as prices have become more aligned with buyer (...)


European Retail Markets 2016-2017

Despite the strong growth of online sales across Europe (12% yoy in 2016), the majority of retail sales still takes place in physical stores (e-commerce accounts (...)


Marché des bureaux en Europe

Dans sa dernière étude du marché des bureaux en Europe, Savills constate que le niveau des livraisons de bureaux, a de nouveau chuté en 2015 de (...)


The Netherlands : Residential property market - Q4 2016

Not a day goes by without some sort of residential news showing up in the headlines. Since 2014 this news has generally been positive, with prices (...)


The Netherlands : Investments towards € 13 bln by year-end

The Dutch economy grew by 2.4% yoy in Q3 2016, substantially higher than the EU average (1.8%) and surrounding countries (Germany 1.7%, Belgium 1.2%; UK 2.3% (...)


Outlook for the German real estate market in 2017

Finding property will be even more challenging for investors and occupiers alike in 2017. With further initial yield compression likely to be no more than marginal, (...)


Ireland : Retail - Q4 2016

Despite increased political uncertainty across the world Ireland’s economy has continued to perform well since our last report. Total employment is rising by 2.9 percent per (...)


Dublin : Offices - Q4 2016

Despite increased political uncertainty across the world, Ireland’s economy continues to perform well. Total employment is now rising by 2.9% per annum – the 3rd fastest (...)


Aberdeen Area : Residential Market - winter 2016

The impact of Aberdeen’s oilshock has resulted in a 24% fall in sales, yet there is little evidence of a corresponding reduction in property values. An adjustment (...)


Madrid : Offices - Q3 2016

The occupier market performs well despite the lack of mega-deals (>10,000 sq m). Y-o-y take-up figures and number of deals signed for spaces <10,000 sq m (...)


Megatrends Leisure – How will we be wining, dining and socialising in 2025?

The leisure industry has changed remarkably over the past decade and the next decade will see further changes affecting how we spend our money and leisure (...)


Dublin : Industrial Market - Q3 2016

Ireland’s economy has continued to outperform since our last report. Employment is now rising by 2.9 percent per annum – the third fastest growth rate in (...)


Germany : Investment Market monthly - October 2016

University cities have repeatedly been cited as an alternative to the top seven cities in recent years when it comes to seeking low-risk investment opportunities in (...)


12 Cities - Occupying and investing in world city real estate

Selon une nouvelle étude Savills, les visiteurs d'une ville viennent grossir sa population de 3 % par nuit en moyenne, un chiffre qui représente de belles occasions (...)


Residential Property Focus - Q4 2016

Forecasting in the aftermath of the Brexit vote is difficult, but its impact on the property market is considerably less than that of the credit crunch. By (...)


Office of the future? A comparative study of the office of tomorrow from the perspective of Generations X & Y

THE office of the future? There is no such thing! Neither career starters or young professionals from Generation Y nor experienced professionals/office personnel from Generation X have (...)


UK : East of City - winter 2016/17

Since the 1980s, Canary Wharf has transformed from what was once one of the busiest docks in the world to become an area well-known as one (...)

Health / Senior

European care home investment

The care home investment volume since the beginning of the year reached approximately €2.6bn. This is 60% higher than during the same period last year. This (...)


Germany : Investment Market monthly - September 2016

The transaction volume for retail property during the year to date has fallen by 46% year on year to €8.8bn, representing an even stronger decline than (...)


Germany : office investment market - Q3 2016

Vacant office space is becoming a rare sight in Germany’s major cities. Demand for office space remained very high throughout the summer of this year, contributing (...)