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Global Technology Innovation Hubs 2017

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Global Technology Innovation Hubs 2017

As in prior years, we include insights from our annual survey of more than 800 global technology leaders including start-up entrepreneurs and FORTUNE 500 executives. 

Global technology innovation hubs showcases the rise of new ecosystems of incubators, accelerators, and venture capital alongside government incentives across the world. In this section, we unfold the cities and countries that are making significant strides in innovation development and provide 15 country perspectives. With stakes so high to compete in a global technology industry ecosystem, we also provide innovation management perspectives.

Disruptive technology trends and barriers to commercialize emerging technologies. In this issue, to be released in April, we examine the emerging technologies with the most potential to disrupt industries and transform business models. We also assess the monetization opportunities of these disruptors and adoption challenges by region and industry.

Source : KPMG

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