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Bernard Audibert

Conseiller scientifique

Patrick Boério

Analyste SCPI

Frédéric Bôl


Alain Chaussard


Joëlle Chauvin


Laurent Chenain

Membre du Conseil d'Orientation

Christian Cléret

Membre du Conseil d'Orientation

Éric Cosserat


Éric Dadier

Président d'honneur

Marianne De Battisti

Membre du Conseil d'Orientation

Christian De Kérangal

Directeur général

Charles-Henri De Marignan

Responsable du pôle immobilier direct

Benoît Du Passage

Membre du Conseil d'Orientation

Soazig Dumont

Analyste senior Club Analyse et Prévision

Gilbert Emont

Senior advisor

Didier Escudier

Responsable informatique et webmestre

Marie Escudier

Directeur administratif et financier

Élisabeth Folliard

Chargée du développement

Stéphanie Galiègue

Directrice de la recherche et des études

Béatrice Guedj

Senior Advisor

François Jouven

Membre du Conseil d'Orientation

Thierry Lajoie

Membre du Conseil d'Orientation

Xavier Lépine

Administrateur - Membre du Conseil d'Orientation

Jean-Hervé Lorenzi

Membre du Conseil d'Orientation

Guy Marty

Président d'honneur

Olivier Piani

Administrateur - Membre du Conseil d'Orientation

Jean-Michel Pierret

Senior Advisor - Fiscaliste

Jean-Pierre Raynal


Pierre Schoeffler

Senior Advisor - Membre du conseil d'orientation

Aurore Vialatte

Responsable pôle immobilier coté


Hélène Gace joins iread

Hélène Gace is joining iread as a Data Analyst. She will report directly to Arnaud Syoën, Head of the Data Analytics Department, and be actively involved (...)


Philippe Le Trung joins iread as senior advisor

Philippe Le Trung has joined iread as a senior advisor, responsible for developing Europe-wide expertise in the listed real estate sector. Philippe Le Trung, aged 49, is (...)


France surges ahead on the global stage

Associated for a long time to rigid labor laws and social immobilism that hindered its economy, France elected 39 years old liberal ex-banker Emmanuel Macron, whose new (...)


Alain Chaussard, long-time CEO of French REIT Affine, steps down

In a move seen as part of succession planning, Alain Chaussard, long-time chief executive of French REIT/SIIC Affine, is to step down, the company has announced. The board, chaired (...)


Real estate in France well positioned but 'lazy' strategies won't work - IEIF

For 2018 the most likely economic scenario for France is a general reflation and growth above potential, says Pierre Schoeffler from property association IEIF. Real estate is best positioned (...)


Portuguese housing REITs could be profitable new investment asset - French IEIF

Portugal's coming introduction of residential-focused REIT legislation, announced in autumn, could provide a profitable new asset for investment managers, particularly French, says a new report by (...)


Benefits argue for creation of large listed housing firms in France – IEIF

The benefits of listed housing firms demonstrated in Germany, Sweden and the US argue in favour of the emergence of a parallel sector in France, says (...)