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Personal informations

  • 2021 : M2 journalisme augmenté TV, radio - IEJ - Institut Européen de Journalisme
  • 2020 : M1 presse magazine - IEJ - Institut Européen de Journalisme
  • 2016 : Licence presse - IEJ - Institut Européen de Journalisme
Professionnal career
  • 11/2021 - ... : Business Immo - Journaliste
  • 09/2020 - 07/2021 : Doyouno Maison - Journaliste
  • 10/2019 - 08/2020 : Côté Maison - Journaliste
  • 03/2019 - 07/2019 : Fremantle - Chargée édito pour l’émission L’amour est dans le pré


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Mariétou Barry

Chargée d'affaires

Audrey Cerati

Chargée service clients régie - Cheffe de projet CRM

Delphine Chho

Data Team Lead

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"Tokenisation is in its infancy in France compared with other countries"

Business Immo: What is tokenisation? Julien Collin: The principle of tokenisation involves dividing an asset of any kind (property, artwork, etc.) into several parts or (...)


Will this be the year of the PropTech rebound ?

For some years now, technology has been everywhere, and no sector has escaped it, not even real estate. This was all the more true (...)


"Demand for schools in the Paris market remains solid, but limited"

Business Immo: How would you assess the Paris/francilien higher education property market at the end of 2023?  Nicolas Coiffait: Generally speaking, when it comes to (...)


"Swiss Life truly believes in the outdoor hotel industry"

Business Immo: What role does Swiss Life Asset Managers play in the hotel industry? Johanna Capoani: Swiss Life Asset Managers currently has just over €2bn (...)


"Healthcare will be at the center of our strategy in 2023"

Business Immo: How would you assess Primonial REIM's inflows in 2022? Grégory Frapet: As far as SCPIs are concerned, 2022 will remain a very good (...)


Why shopping centre openings are becoming increasingly rare in France

If the year 2021 was punctuated by a dozen or so shopping centre openings, delayed by the crisis, what is the situation today? And (...)


"What better place to set up your office than in a hotel?"

Business Immo: What is the origin of this partnership between Wojo and Kasada?   Olivier Granet: Kasada is currently the most active investor in the hotel (...)


"Since Principal's acquisition of Internos Global Investors, our platform has been growing rapidly."

Business Immo: What has changed for your entity since the acquisition of Internos Global Investors in April 2018?  Guillaume Masset: Since the acquisition of Internos (...)


"Comparing all European countries, France has been the most successful in adapting to the pandemic"

Business Immo: The health crisis has greatly affected the hotel industry. How has Christie & Co weathered this storm? Philippe Bijaoui: During this difficult period, (...)


BNP Paribas Real Estate moves into its new HQ, Métal 57

When 57 Métal becomes Métal 57. BNP Paribas Real Estate was keen to preserve the industrial heritage of the original building constructed in 1984 (...)


French listed property federation FSIF becomes FEI

As of Thursday 3 February 2022, French property companies federation FSIF (Fédération des sociétés immobilières et foncières) is changing its name to Fédération des (...)


Will the health crisis impact French property markets again in 2022? (Knight Frank)

Although the economic context remains uncertain, the recovery is nonetheless relatively solid. The Paris office market should remain very dynamic in 2022, as it (...)


"Corum L'Épargne has chosen to approach the crisis as an opportunity"

Business Immo: Faced with the vagaries of the health crisis, the real estate markets have been severely disrupted over the past year. How did (...)


Housing : no economic recovery for France's developers (FPI)

While the stock market and many economic activities impacted by the health crisis are recovering, the observatory of France's developer association FPI (Fédération des promoteurs immobiliers), (...)