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Laetitia Aubert

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Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Managing Partner Financial Advisory

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Senior advisor opérationnel, pôle corporate finance, en charge de l'activité Independant Equity Advisory

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Secrétaire général - Directeur du Property Management

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Senior Manager at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited

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CEO de Deloitte France et Afrique francophone

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Cyril Stivala

Associé responsable de l’activité M&A Transaction Services


Allianz acquires 22,500 sqm Hamburg HafenCity office project from EDGE

Munich-based Allianz Real Estate has acquired from smart-tech developer EDGE a Hamburg HafenCity office project aimed to deliver 22,500 sqm GLA. The companies, in separate releases, (...)


Korean Mirae, French Amundi confirm Paris La Défense Majunga buy

Korea's Mirae Asset Daewoo and France's Amundi Real Estate have confirmed their purchase of the 67,036 sqm Majunga tower in Paris La Défense, advised by Deloitte. Mirae Asset Daewoo (...)


France surges ahead on the global stage

Associated for a long time to rigid labor laws and social immobilism that hindered its economy, France elected 39 years old liberal ex-banker Emmanuel Macron, (...)


Invesco, in largest European deal, pays Unibail €789m for Paris Capital 8

In its largest-ever European asset transaction, investment manager Invesco Real Estate is paying €789m for Capital 8, a 45,000 sqm office building in the (...)


European Construction Monitor 2016-2017: Growing opportunities in local markets

We are pleased to present the sixth edition of the European Construction Monitor, which looks at the latest trends and issues in mergers & (...)


The future of commercial real estate in Europe

The European real estate market is in motion. Depending on where you look, the market has either fully recovered from the financial crisis or (...)


Africa Construction Trends Report 2016

The 2016 edition of our Africa Construction Trends Report includes 286 construction projects in Africa that had broken ground by 1 June 2016 and (...)


Overview of European Residential Markets - July 2016

The European economy continued to rise in 2015; nevertheless, the pace of GDP growth remains feeble. GDP in the whole EU-28 increased by 1.8%, (...)


Energy efficiency in Europe : The levers to deliver the potential

In December 2015, the COP21 meeting and the Paris Agreement stressed more than ever how crucial it is for the future of mankind to (...)


Global fashion & luxury market : Private equity and investors survey 2016

Global Fashion & Luxury market: Key market trends : In 2015, sales in the Luxury market reached US$ ~1.2 trillion, growing by 14.8% (+5% at (...)


Africa Construction Trends Report 2015

En 2015, le nombre de projets valant plus de 50 millions de dollars a progressé de 17 %, passant de 257 à 301 en (...)


EPRA Annual Report - Survey 2014/15

Over the last five years, adoption and implementation of the BPR by companies have considerably increased. The continuous effort put in by companies towards (...)


Overview of European Residential Markets

GDP growth in Europe remained relatively slow in 2014. Low investment stands against a pick-up in demand and growth acceleration. The fall in crude (...)


EPoC 2014 - European Powers of Construction

The twelfth edition of European Powers of Construction examines the performance of the major listed European construction groups in terms of revenue, market capitalisation, (...)


Mind the gaps - The 2015 Deloitte Millennial Survey

Economic confidence improving overall: driven by North America/Mexico, China, India, UK, Spain and Netherlands. Business continues to be viewed very positively, only in Italy is (...)


Overview of European Residential Markets - 2013

Another difficult year for European economy brought some positive signs. Despite a slight decrease of real GDP in the Eurozone, the European economy bottomed (...)

HR / Working space

Risk Intelligence in the Energy & Resources Industry

Substantial effort has been directed towards developing enhanced approaches to risk management in the energy and resources industry, particular in the past decade. ERM (...)


Global Powers of Luxury Goods 2014

While we all recognize luxury, definitions are hard to agree on. Some define luxury by a list of attributes, others by price, and still (...)

HR / Working space

Big demands and high expectations - The Deloitte Millennial Survey

Role & Impact of business: Business has an overall positive impact on wider society and brings prosperity. Millennials in emerging markets feel very positive (...)


Insurers' preparations for the new IFRS accounting rules

When the IASB issued its most recent exposure draft for the new accounting standard for insurance contracts in June 2013, insurers interpreted this as (...)


Trends for 2012 - 2014: Anticipating tomorrow versus surviving today

 We are pleased to present the third edition of the European M&A Construction Monitor. This monitor looks at the latest trends and issues in (...)


Paris Offices Summer 2013

Le Paris Crane Survey, publié par Deloitte, a été réalisé en collaboration avec le GRECAM à partir de l’exploitation de la base de données (...)


Overview of European Residential Markets - 2012

The European Union faced challenging economic conditions in 2012, with an intensifying sovereign debt crisis in the euro zone, the spectre of a double-dip (...)


Insight into the Qatar construction market and opportunities for real estate developers

In anticipation of the FIFA World Cup in 2022 in Qatar, there are numerous projects planned and under way to ensure that the country (...)


Trends for 2011-2013 : Defaults, Deleveraging, Diversification and DBFM

We are pleased to present the second edition of the European M&A Construction Monitor. This monitor looks at the latest trends and issues in (...)


Solvency II How to conduct the ORSA

Though a number of insurers request more explanations as to where and how the proportionality principle will apply in practice, EIOPA expect that “undertakings (...)


European powers of construction - 2011

The ninth edition of European Powers of Construction examines the performance of the most representative listed European construction groups in 2011 in terms of (...)


Real estate predictions 2012 - New realities, new perspectives

We cannot, however, ignore the current climate. Commercial property values are likely to fall during 2012 as secondary property is hit again by risk (...)


The Leases Project - An update for the consumer business industry

In August 2010, the IASB and FASB (the “Boards”) took a major step towards overhauling the existing lease accounting rules by issuing a set (...)


Real Estate Executive Report

Whatever the industry, experience tells us that successful new ideas, or even old ideas revisited, can quickly become norms once market participation really to (...)