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Directrice – Retail - Capital Markets France


Global Investment Atlas 2018

Global real estate performed exceptionally well in 2017, with volumes up sharply and values ahead. Yields compressed 12 basis points on average, while prime rents rose (...)


Investment in France: first large transactions!

During the first 2 months of 2018, €2.3 billion were invested: representing a discernible increase in comparison with the corresponding period in 2017. The month of (...)


France Retail - Q1 2017

The global economy showed signs of recovery at the beginning of 2017, despite a collection of political uncertainties including crucial elections in Europe and future decisions (...)


France : Industrial Market Snapshot - Q1 2017

The French economy continues to show signs of strength despite uncertainty ahead of the presidential elections. Industrial production, retail activity and e-commerce display upward trends and (...)


France : Office Market Snapshot - Q1 2017

The French economy continues to show signs of strength despite uncertainty ahead of the presidential elections. Business sentiment surveys are now back at their 2011 levels (...)


France : Retail Market Snapshot - Q1 2017

The French economy continues to show signs of strength despite uncertainty ahead of the presidential elections. Although inflation has jumped to 1.2% at the start of (...)


Lending to grow in 2016 but has pricing shifted ?

The lending environment across Europe remains positive with the majority of lenders expecting to maintain or expand their activities in 2016. The environment for refinancing remains (...)


Demand continues to outstrip supply - Q3 2015

Despite several geopolitical risks, the outlook remains positive for the European economy even if recovery is slow. Strong demand from developed economies is offsetting the slowdown (...)


Spain : Strong investment levels - Q3 2015

Third quarter investment levels continued to show solid quarter on quarter growth as total investment level reached €2.3Bn. Third quarter investment levels 13% higher than last quarter (...)


Germany : Lower sales volumes and discounts - October 2015

German open-ended funds (GOEFs) hold €82bn of property assets worldwide – of which less than €10bn (circa 12%) are to be sold by 2017, as 18 (...)


Europe Office : Rebound after a slow start - Q2 2015

3 million sq m of office spaces were taken-up in Europe in Q2 2015, up from 2.4 million sq m in Q1. Despite this rebound, the (...)


Hôtellerie : mega deals à l’honneur

S’affranchissant d’un climat économique inégal à l’échelle mondiale, le tourisme a poursuivi son ascension en 2014, culminant à 1,138 milliard d’arrivées de touristes internationaux au terme (...)


Romania Industrial : Demand peaks while new supply remains limited

Romania’s total stock of modern industrial and logistics spaces at the end of 2014 continues to be of 1.8 million sq. m. Bucharest accounts for 53%, (...)


German Open Ended Funds - Discount expected to remain high

German open-ended funds (GOEFs) hold EUR 81bn of property assets across the globe. Nearly 16% or EUR 12.8bn of these are to be sold by 2017. (...)


Record volume expected in 2015 - Q4 2014

Economic turmoil seems now to be history. Europe economy is gaining momentum with GDP, retail sales and consumer spending back to positive territory all together for (...)


Retail sales growth accelerates

At the end of 2014 Romania’s modern retail stock is of 2.86 million sq. m. Bucharest accounts for 32%. With no deliveries recorded in H1 2014, (...)


Poland Office : Strong leasing activity - Q4 2014

The total office stock in Poland (Warsaw and eight major regional markets) amounts to 7.55 million sq m (as of the end of 2014). Warsaw still holds (...)


Stockholm : Improved sentiment translating into deals - Q4 2014

The latest data confirms that the Swedish economy has continued to recover. The Purchasing Managers Index declined slightly in January but remains above 50 indicating that (...)


Germany : Booming market - Q4 2014

New investment in commercial properties and development sites totalled EUR 14.37bn in the fourth quarter and consequently reached the third highest quarterly volume of the last (...)


European liquidity : UK remains Europe’s most liquid market in 2014

Liquidity indicates the ease with which investors can enter and exit a market. We measure liquidity by measuring transaction volumes relative to each market’s commercial property (...)


Dubai : Market stabilisation after period of recovery - Q4 2014

Dubai GDP grew by 3.1% in the first half of 2014 and is expected to continue to grow. Dubai office stock had reached 6.5 million sq m (...)


Berlin : Record take-up on office market - Q4 2014

At 656,000 sq m, Berlin had the highest take-up of the Top 5 markets in 2014. This result also marks the highest level in Berlin since (...)


Record UK investment volume in 2014 - Q4 2014

There was a record turnover for UK property investment in 2014, with an 11% rise to £56bn.The primary cause was a 40% increase in investment activity (...)


Sweeden : Strongest quarter since records began - Q4 2014

The commercial property investment market in Sweden rounded off its strongest quarter in 12 years with a record high transaction volume of SEK 64 billion in (...)


Small cities dominate the market - H2 2014

Total modern retail stock in Poland exceeded 12.7 million sq m at the end of 2014. New supply in 2014 exceeded 466,000 sq m of GLA and (...)


Poland : Another strong year

2014 was another strong year in the investment market in Poland, with a total of EUR 3.03 billion having been transacted in the commercial real estate (...)


Zurich : CBD continues to suffer - Q3 2014

Despite an ever more obvious lack in sufficient demand for large-scale vacancy in the CBD, landlords are failing to further correct asking rents and the tenant’s (...)


Europe Retail & Shopping Centre : Record volume in 2015 - Q3 2014

Europe is emerging from the crisis with positive GDP, retail sales and consumer spending growth forecast for the next five years. But, the speed and extent (...)


European Transaction Price Index : Recovery on continent as UK breaks new records - Q3 2014

Prices for European commercial real estate were up 7% over the third quarter, according to our latest DTZ European Transaction based price index. Growth is now broader (...)


Germany : take-up increases - Q3 2014

In the third quarter of 2014, 1.31 m sq m warehouse space was newly let or passed to owner-occupiers through purchases or start of construction and (...)


Italy : Non-European activity boosts the investment volume - Q3 2014

The summer period has seen the Italian investment market activity rebound after a disappointing Q2. Volume reached EUR964m of transactions over the last quarter, above the (...)


Europe : Asian inflows drive volumes higher - Q3 2014

European commercial real estate investment reached EUR39.2bn in Q3 2014. This took rolling annual volumes to EUR 168bn, a 24% increase on the same period a (...)


Hamburg : A further increase in take-up - Q3 2014

Take-up on the Hamburg office market improved by 14,700 sq m (+11%) to 145,000 sq m compared with the previous quarter. As in the first half, (...)


Berlin still very much in demand - Q3 2014

In the third quarter of 2014, leases and owner-occupier contracts for a total space of 139,500 sq m were concluded in Berlin. Consequently, take-up fell by (...)


Germany : Focus on office properties - Q3 2014

Purchases of commercial properties and development sites totalled €25.47bn up to the end of September 2014, thus reaching the highest 9-month value since 2007. The third (...)


Prague : Highest supply in the last 7 years expected in 2015 - Q3 2014

Quarterly gross take-up was the strongest since Q2 2011 but this was mainly because of the renegotiation of Česká Pojišťovna on two properties in Prague 4 (...)


Spain : Investment heats up with SOCIMI push - Q3 2014

The third quarter of the year saw commercial investment skyrocket to over €2.8 Bn. During the third quarter Spanish Socimis (REITs) ramped up investment. Investment by Socimis (...)


Madrid : Large occupiers reinforce take-up - Q3 2014

Take-up increased from Q2, to reach 90,000 sq m (Figure 2). Additionally, this is a large change on the third quarter from the previous year which (...)


Czech Republic : Volume driven by logistics - Q3 2014

DTZ believes that the total investment volume could reach up to €2bn in the year 2014 thanks to strong investor activity in Q3 and the volume (...)


German Open Ended Funds - Record discounts as sales accelerate

German open-ended funds (GOEFs) hold EUR 82bn of property assets across the globe. Nearly 20% or EUR 16bn of these are to be sold by 2017. (...)


Gothenburg Offices : Tight supply is keeping rents on high level - Q3 2014

Swedish GDP grew weaker than expected in Q2 2014. This slowdown is caused by a subdued international economy, which is hampering Swedish exports. But on the (...)


Nordics : Expecting greater in- and outbound flows - Q2 2014

Nordic commercial real estate investment in Q2 2014 increased to EUR3.5bn, up by 6% compared to Q1. On an annual basis volumes are marginally lower. Growth in (...)


Poland : Growing BPO/SSC sectors stimulate demand - H1 2014

After the delivery of 316,000 sq m in H1 2014 (including 190,000 sq m completed in Warsaw), the total amount of the modern office stock in (...)


Geneva : Decline in take-up and rents - Q2 2014

During Q2 2014, the Swiss GDP growth forecast for 2014 has been lowered from 1.9% to 1.8% by Oxford Economics. 2015 and 2016 forecasts are unchanged (...)


Europe Retail & Shopping Centre : Record volume expected to continue in H2 - H1 2014

Europe is now emerging from the economic crisis and main economic indicators (GDP, retail sales and consumer spending) are now forecast to return to positive territory (...)


Germany Industrial : Volume of new-builds up - Q2 2014

In the first half of 2014, 2.4 million sq m of warehouse space was newly let or passed to owner-occupiers through purchases or starts of construction. (...)


European Transaction-Based Price Index - Recovery delayed by non-UK price declines - Q2 2014

Prices for All European commercial real estate were up by 0.9% over the quarter in Q2 2014 according to our latest DTZ European transaction-based price index (...)


Czech Republic : Manufacturing companies dominate demand - Q2 2014

A slight decline in take-up was recorded in Q2 2014. Despite the significant increase in new supply, the effect on the vacancy rate was minor as (...)

Health / Senior

European Nursing homes : Consolidation in progress 2014

Globally in Europe, population will increase by more than 2% in the next 20 years. Important disparities will differently impact the national context. Combined with a (...)


Hungary : Instead of expansion, redesign is the main trend - H1 2014

No new developments were completed in H1 2014. Development activity is almost completely frozen. Only a few projects are proposed to be built, focusing on Budapest, (...)


Hungary : Retail in focus - H1 2014

The first half of 2014 followed the improvement path seen at the end of 2013. The volume of investment transactions totalled €170 million, 15% higher year-on-year. Retail (...)


Poland : Smaller Markets on Development Track - H1 2014

H1 2014 ended with a total of 266,000 sq m of new GLA having been delivered to the market in 13 new projects and three extensions (...)


Brussels : New prime rent - Q2 2014

In the recovering economic context, the Brussels office market has recorded 250,000 sq m of take-up since the beginning of the year, a level in line (...)


Flemish : Increased importance of mixed-use - Q2 2014

Despite a decline, the Flemish office markets take-up is decent with 28,500 sq m recorded, and an additional 3,500 sq m outside of office markets. Again, Antwerp (...)


Hamburg : Major deals drive strong first half - Q2 2014

Take-up on the Hamburg office market improved on the previous quarter by 20,300 sq m (+18.5%) to 130,300 sq m. This is the highest quarterly take-up (...)


Belgian football stadiums - Modernisation vs Risk

As football reaches fever pitch with the ongoing World Cup in Brazil, questions surround the home of the Belgian national team: the King Baudouin Stadium is (...)


Budapest : High renewal share - H1 2014

Developers are reluctant to launch any projects on a speculative basis without a larger pre-let or BTS agreement, therefore only one industrial scheme, comprising 11,100 sq (...)


Warsaw : Tenants still in a winning position - H1 2014

New office space completions including 17 buildings provide additional 190,000 sq m to the existing stock in Warsaw. The construction activity is very strong in the (...)


Poland : Stronger demand for assets in regional cities - H1 2014

In H1 2014 the investment volume on the commercial property market in Poland reached EUR 1.39 billion, which represents a growth of almost 10% in comparison (...)


Berlin Office : Excellent first half - Q2 2014

The Berlin office market reaffirmed its good shape in the second quarter of 2014. Even though, unlike the first quarter, there were no major transactions of (...)


Poland Logistic & Industrial : On track for a record year - H1 2014

The total stock of modern industrial and logistics space in Poland reached above 8.07 million sq m at the end of H1 2014. 90% of the (...)


Frankfurt : Weak first half of 2014 - Q2 2014

Take-up on the Frankfurt office market was disappointing in the second quarter. Compared to the first quarter (87,700 sq m) it declined by around 12% to (...)


Central London : Fringe markets more expensive - Q2 2014

The volume of lettings increased to 3.7m sq ft in Q2, bringing year to date take up in Central London to 6.6m sq ft, the highest (...)


Prague Office : The vacancy rate continues rising - Q2 2014

Annual supply in 2014 should reach the highest level since the record year of 2008. The largest supply pipeline in H2 2014 should be completed in (...)


Milan : Q2 results confirm ongoing market activity - Q2 2014

The Italian economy is starting to recover despite having registered a negative GDP growth in 2013 (-1.8% for Italy and -1.2% for Milan). However a more (...)


Rome : Constant take-up - Q2 2014

The Italian economy is starting to recover despite having registered a negative GDP growth in 2013 (-1.8% for Italy and -1.5% for Rome). However a more (...)


Belgium : Sustained momentum - Q2 2014

Following the healthy start to the year, the semi-industrial segment encounters a similar level of take-up in Q2, which amounts to 195,000 sq m. Logistics take-up was (...)


Europe Fair Value : Property attractive while risk near record low - Q2 2014

The DTZ European Fair Value Index™ rose marginally in Q2 to 76 from the Q1 published figure of 74, meaning that European property has become slightly (...)


Momentum to continue, despite record volume - H1 2014

EUR9bn of European logistics investment volume was recorded in the first half of 2014. This reflects a 25% increase versus H1 2013. It sets a new (...)


Belgium : Highest quarterly volumes since 2008 - Q2 2014

The Belgian economy has continued to improve in H1 2014, following the gradual strengthening of the Eurozone economy. Financing conditions remain attractive with interest rates at (...)


Walloon : Large deals are often enough - Q2 2014

Wallonia take-up amounted to 4,700 sq m in Q2, not including an extra 500 sq m recorded outside of Walloon office markets. Walloon Brabant is not (...)


Spain : Mega deals boost volume - Q2 2014

The second quarter of 2014 featured the close of multiple pending retail operations; pushing total investment volume up to over €1.8 Bn. While the retail sector has (...)


Barcelona : First semester take-up beats 2013 - Q2 2014

In comparison with the slight lift in take-up in the first quarter, the second quarter has failed to maintain that momentum. Total take-up for the second (...)


Czech Republic : Limited supply in the second half of the year - Q2 2014

The stronger than expected economic recovery may boost the retail sector. Annual supply is likely to be low in 2014 with expected deliveries reaching 85,500 sq m, (...)


Czech Republic : Investment activity continues to rise - Q2 2014

Due to positive signals from the first half of the year, continuing unabated investor interest and several ongoing transactions, DTZ forecast that total annual volume could (...)


Sweden : the market is speeding up - Q2 2014

The central bank rate (the repo rate) has been lowered and according to DTZ’s latest investor survey the majority think financial conditions will continue to improve (...)


Czech Republic : Manufacturing companies dominate demand - Q1 2014

Although new supply recorded annual as well as quarterly increases in Q1 2014, almost all projects continue to be delivered pre-leased. This contributes to a stable vacancy (...)


Net Debt Funding Gap - Surplus expected to plug remaining gaps

Europe’s refinancing gap for 2014-15 is down 33% year on year to EUR51bn supported by bank write downs, improved capital values and more aggressive refinancing LTVs. (...)


Budapest : Weak start to the year - Q1 2014

Quarterly take-up figures showed a poor performance of the Budapest office market, with only 57,200 sq m let in the weakest quarter since Q1 2012. The volume (...)


Stockholm : Office demand continues to improve - Q1 2014

The latest GDP data confirms that the Swedish economy has continued to expand. In Q4 2013 the economy recorded an extraordinarily large 3.1% y-o-y increase, driving (...)


Italy : Cross-border investors continue to push up volume - Q1 2014

Following a buoyant Q4 2013 with €1.6bn of transactions recorded for the entire year 2013 totaling EUR3.3bn invested, the Italian market started 2014 with a promising (...)


Entrepôts : un démarrage en douceur - 1T 2014

Avec 240 000 m² de demande placée au 1er trimestre 2014, le marché français des entrepôts supérieurs à 10 000 m² voit son activité divisée par (...)


Europe : Rebound on track despite slow start - Q1 2014

Having analysed our research figures for Q1 2014 and comparing them to 2013, we believe that there is now more new supply to come and less (...)


Warsaw : Tenants' market - Q1 2014

Ten buildings totalling 84,300 sq m were added to the Warsaw office market in Q1 2014, which took the modern office stock to 4,200,000 sq m. According (...)


Steady take-up in Hamburg - Q1 2014

Take-up in Hamburg, at 110,000 sq m, was in line with the first quarter of 2013. This result is mainly attributable to five deals, each of them (...)


Rome : Timid start of the year - Q1 2014

The Italian economy is starting to recover despite having registered a negative GDP growth in 2013 (-1.9% for Italy and -1.7% for Rome). However a more (...)


Madrid : Financial occupier demand rebounds - Q1 2014

Take-up in the first quarter fell slightly below its Q4 2013 level, from 118,000 to 110,000 sq m. Despite the similar volumes of the last two (...)


Prague : Two large preleases drove occupier activity - Q1 2014

Annual supply in 2014 should reach the highest level since 2009, totalling more than 350,000 sq m of office space under construction in Prague, of which (...)


Meilleur démarrage depuis 2009 - 1T 2014

Avec près de 3,8 milliards d’euros investis en immobilier d’entreprise au 1er trimestre 2014, soit 52% de plus qu’au 1er trimestre 2013 et légèrement plus que (...)


Europe Fair Value : Improving economy makes peripherals attractive - Q1 2014

The European property market continues to present attractive opportunities to investors for the time being. The DTZ Fair Value IndexTM for Europe rose slightly this quarter, (...)


Czech Republic : Consumer demand recovery to remain shallow - Q1 2014

Consumer expenditure as well as retail sales are predicted to recover but growth will remain modest in 2014 (0.9%). The only major retail completion in Q1 (...)


Berlin : Strong start to the new year - Q1 2014

With a take-up of just under 164,000 sq m the Berlin office market experienced its best start to the year for the past ten years. Take-up (...)


Frankfurt : Solid start on the office market - Q1 2014

The Frankfurt office market started 2014 with a marked boost in take-up compared to the first quarter of 2013. In total, take-up rose in a year-on-year (...)


Milan : Promising start to the year - Q1 2014

The Italian economy is starting to recover despite having registered a negative GDP growth in 2013 (-1.9% for Italy and -1.4% for Milan). However a more (...)


Belgium : Yield compression for office - Q1 2014

The Belgian economy should continue to improve in 2014, following the gradual strengthening of the Eurozone economy. Financing conditions remain attractive with interest rates at historically (...)


Baltic States : High investment activities - different investment paths - Q1 2014

The overall market turnover in 2013 in the Baltic region was around € 600 M, equally distributed between the three countries. The directions that the capital (...)


Baltic States : Balanced Expansion and Growth in Investment Activity - Q1 2014

In all three Baltic States, the office market is in a healthy expansion stage, with quite diversed (in terms of quality and location) new additions to (...)


Spain : Strongest first quarter since 2010 - Q1 2014

This first quarter has recorded the highest investment volume for a first quarter since 2010 with a total of approximately €927 million. Investment in retail assets dominated (...)


Czech Republic : Yield compression indicates high investor demand - Q1 2014

After a strong start of the year (€268m) with recorded quarterly and annual increases, the total annual investment volumes are forecast to range between €800 million (...)


Baltic : Supply catching up with demand - Q1 2014

Although upsurge on industrial real estate market generally depends heavily on the pan-European recovery, positive changes in the segment were already observed in all three countries (...)


Opportunities abound aboard the Grand Paris Express

"Grand Paris Express is an exceptional investment opportunity, as the public authorities are investing €40bn to develop it, but also a very strong sign that France (...)


New actors on the European stage

“When it comes to equity, European real estate is like a busy nightclub – as soon as one group leaves, another seems to be ready to (...)


French property values, seen near cycle peak, show new dynamism in 4Q18

French property values are at or near a cycle peak, yet the last quarter of 2018 showed a renewed dynamism, with expectations of further rises, says (...)


iread presents its scientific committee

Live from Mipim (Cannes) - iread, a newcomer in the world of big data and research, has announced that its scientific committee is in place. The committee is made (...)


France 2018 real estate investment hits record at €32bn

Commercial real estate investment in France last year rose by around 12% from 2017 to reach as high as €32bn, a clear record, according to international (...)


French 2017 CRE investment slips to €26bn, 2018 to hold steady - C&W

French commercial real estate investment slipped last year by 3% from 2016 to €26.1bn, but was still nearly 40% above the 10-year average and should hold (...)


C&W study of office rents near Paris RER stations points to Grand Paris opportunities

A study of rental values in office buildings close to stations on Paris’s RER light rail sytem shows opportunities for investors and users, plus those that (...)